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 True Stories

Rose Miller



Enjoy true animal stories and some training tips as shared by Rose Miller Books. Many of us are animal lovers. Most of us first became attracted to animals when we were small children. Such is the story of Rose Miller.  Like many young girls, Rose was born with a deep love for all animals, but especially horses. When she was 4, she announced to her bewildered parents that the family should move to a farm and raise horses! Eventually 4 years later because of her dad’s job, they did move to a Pennsylvania hill-top farm where at 15, Rose got Smokey, her first horse. It would be many years later after getting married, moving to Indiana, adding 4 children to the family, and surviving a deadly tornado before Rose got her chance to raise nationally acclaimed Tennessee Walking Horses. Accumulating dogs and cats was simply a part of life. Some fostered, adopted, or purchased, some kept and others re-homed, but all with a  true animal story to share.   


Now nearly 40 years later, she is writing true animal stories about her horses: The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot, and mules: Mules, Mules and More Mules, and dog adventures.­­­ Training tips are shared as they related to her own animals. The family sold their large Indiana horse farm in 2012, and moved to Arizona where she continues to write about the animals in her life.  Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs is a tribute to all those dogs that love us with undying affection and fulfill our lives. The books are educational in a conversational style, but mainly written for the enjoyment of the reader. All books are suitable for every age reader.


Another addition is a joint effort with husband Hal (mostly Hal!): The Gospel of Visitation. An inspirational compilation of biblical and modern day testimonies of the many ways God and Jesus visit us.  

The latest is GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO! Volume I and II. These 2  books are a compilation of stories told by the gals themselves about their animals and their love of the land. Inspirational and informative these stories are sure to entertain and enlighten.



“These stories are a touching memoir by a woman motivated by a powerful nurturing instinct. She lives to care.”   Robert M. Miller D.V.M.

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