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Rosse Miller Books



Rose Miller was raised with her only sibling, Linda, on a 50 acre farm in northern Pennsylvania, right next to the gorgeous Tioga State Forest. Dad and Mom were school teachers in a close town, but Rose  went to a one room country school from the  3rd to 8th grade. Because of the farm’s location miles from town, cows and horses became close and beloved companions. Inspired to share her life story, in 2005 she began writing true horse, mule and dog stories about what she knew and loved: animals...with a few people thrown in! Training tips for dogs, horses and mules are shared in a conversational style. For over 40 years she lived in northern Indiana with her chiropractor husband, Hal, managing a thriving Tennessee Walking horse farm. Now retired she lives in Prescott, AZ with her husband and enjoys trail riding the mules and the retired show horses that moved with them, writing and painting. She is the proud grandmother of Alexis and Ava.


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