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Kim McElroy and Remy, photo by Lori Lott

1 Kim McElroy ready for anything .jpg

Kim-- Ready For Anything Broken Horn D Ranch

1 Kim McElroy sorting the bulls.jpg

Kim's hubby sorting the bulls

2 Kimberley and Stefan .jpg

Kimberley Knight and Stefan, Date Creek Ranch

3 Bonnie and Oz.jpg

Bonnie Ebsen Jackson, T.H.E. Ranch with Oz

4-1 Bev Pettit .jpg

Bev Pettit, Fine Art Photography

4 Bev Pettit Onaqui horses.jpg
5 Mary Matli a cowboy at rest.jpg

Mary Matli, Cowboy and Poet "Cowboy at rest"

6 Christi Silverberg-Rose.jpg

Christi Silverberg-Rose and Bethany's Gait (Support for Military veterans)

6  Christi Silverberg-Rose.jpg
7 Pam Pierce with feathered friend.JPG

Pam Pierce, Bar Triangle Ranch

8 Cynthia Rigden longhorn.jpg

Cynthia Rigden, Artist, Sculptress and Rancher. This is one of her favorite models

9 Shelly Godfrey with Bear and Sadie.JPG

Shelly Godfrey, Yunoranch with Bear and Sadie

10 Vaughn Colleen Smith  and dogs.JPG

Vaughn Colleen Smith, Twisted R Ranch with Diesel and Wyatt

11 Laurel .jpg

Laurel Walker Denton, Bar U Bar Ranch 

11 Laurel Walker Denton and Sylish NXS.j

Laurel with Sylish NXS

12 Cheryl and Verdick .jpg

Cheryl Searer, Tenaja Oaks Ranch with Verdytk

13 Darice Whyte and Tia.jpg

Darice Whyte and Tia

14 Andrea and Steve Taylor .jpg

Andrea Taylor, Flying E Ranch, General Manager (retired) and Steve

15 Carolyn Harris and Dahlia.jpg

Carolyn Harris, Van Dickson Ranch, with Dahlia

16 Ella McCracken and her daughter Lilli

Ella McCracken, Gold Bar Ranch with daughter, Lillie

17 Eve Blumenfeld and Ears .jpg

Eve Blumenfeld and Ears Looking At You, at Cougar Rock, Tevis Ride

18 Kimberly Henson and Dozer .JPG

Kimberly Henson and Saddle Your Cattle, riding Dozer 

18 Kimberly Henson and Jazzy Working_the

Kimberley Henson riding Jazzy

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